Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mumbai Massage Parlours

well for people from mumbai especially men know them very well.i myslef was a kind of addict of those.i have visited many and found the concept very lousy.The rates are quite high.Massage is just for the name sake.Actually they offer you hand jobs and blow jobs.The girls or rather women providing services are horrible.The most horrible thing in them is their attitude.Most of them are ex-bargirls who ar unemployed now and found thise new way to earn money.They are greedy as usual asking for tips ,thich tips.If you fail to staisfy them by your tips they are ought to curse you or insult you.
The new law has clearly stated these parlours as Brothels .There is always a posiblity of such places being raided if the concerned policeman doesnt get his share on time. The volumes of such parlours is day by day increasing.The funnier part is that newspapers who claim to be the best and who claim that they are going to change the society by their journalism ,themsleves publish advertisements of these parlours.If you open any newspaper in Mumbai and go to its advertisement section ,you will find atleast 60 to 70 of such parlours.
These parlours claim to be unisex.If men go there for a haircut or shave,most of the times there is no barber out there for you.The ladies inside ask you for massage.Those ladies are typical,you need not think twice before calling them bargirl or something.Some Parlours make thos girls dress in a sleazy manner in order to attract more customers.These girls are specially asked to wear push up brasseries ,so that their breast look more tighter ,shapely and more attractive.They ask fo extra tip inspite their boss who has warned them not to demand any tips from customers.When you give them the ip and they open ,those saggy ,loosened and shapless tits are seen,and you feel that you hav watsed your valuable money.These girls even dont allow you to kiss on their lips and always bear a fake smile on thei face.They always abuse and curse you at your back if you do not pay them a stout tip or you force to them.
Many parlours dont offer blowjobs,those who offer it,do i with a condom on ,since the women are aware of STDs and AIDS and other infectuous diseases.
I am not sure wether i am encouraging you all to give it a try or am warning you against them,bu i wont mind if you try it once,aftr all its no that bad....once is good ,twice not a problem but addiction is suicide.


weirdweasel said...

Very well written. Even i Have visited a lot of them. And it really has turned into more like a addiction then anything else. Sometimes its only the shear adrenaline rush to visit such places. But anyways thanks for the insight i always thought the same but never realised how true it was.

Saumya Giri said...

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